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Over the years, I’ve designed logos for start ups and many, many creative people trying to get their name, brand, and what they produce out in the world.

Gelineau and King

This fantasy writing duo were making a name for themselves on the fantasy content circuit, especially with a print based audience, by producing several short novelas. They wanted a logo that gave a nod to the medieval settings for most of their stories, as well as some element that hinted at the horror undercurrent, which was their particular specialty for this genre.  


This was the proposed e-commerce arm of the New York fashion PR firm JuJu The PR. Their goal was to create a website and atelier-like showroom to help designers, especially up-and-coming New York designers, sell their haute couture to collectors and enthusiasts around the world. They wanted branding that suggested they were “in” with the design world, professional, passionate, and VERY premium. This logo and branding would extend to online properties, showroom signage and even packing boxes and wrapping tissue.


Set up as a rival to Gilt (a pre-cursor to Lyst), a members only fashion website that featured sample sales and premium luxury overstock, Mintbox wanted to be the go-to site for female, urban fashionistas. They wanted a classic logo with an urban edge that emphasised it’s exclusivity as a selling point.

The Great Shakes

A London-based band that gloried in singing absurd and outrageously piss-take songs. Their music was similar to The Killers if The Killers didn’t take themselves remotely seriously and sang about fish riding scooters…

Freebass 808

A hip-hop duo made up of the MC, Suede, from Camp Lo fame and the hip-hop drummer, The Apple Juice Kid.




Show Cobra

The events arm of Merge Records and very closely associated with The Bowery Presents, this company was set up to bring bands to their audiences in less conventional venues.  

Black Nector

A small batch distiller based in Sussex, UK. They specialised in making liqueur from elderberries and blackberries picked in the local countries. And yes, I can confirm one them was a father and he did smell of elderberries…

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