Tailored for the Korean market, Tastemakers sets out to create the ultimate mobile/social cultural connection experience. By creating relationships with visionaries and respected artists within Entertainment, Music, Style and Design, Tastemakers sets out to connect them to their fans and expose their art to potential new fans through Tastemaker members’ exclusive events.


Starting with the Korean market with ambitions to extend to most of East Asia and beyond, this responsive website was to be the lynchpin and driving force behind the community Tastemakers was trying to create between creative content producers (directors, artists, musicians, DJs, dancers, etc.) and their fans in a way that brought similar artist styles and alignment all together. The clients wanted a site that could handle and showcase a breadth of content from makers and fans that felt more exclusive and premium than the popular social media platforms at the time. 

The main business objective was to create a platform to showcase events Tastemakers were putting together and drive traffic and audience to these events where the fans could engage with the community and be monetised by Tastemaker’s sponship partners.

  1. The site needed to be designed to render well on web, tablet, phablet and multiple mobile phone device sizes – modularity of the content became key.
  2. Localisation for English/Korean and additional non-English markets needed to be considered in both the architecture and the responsive user interface.
  3. The platform had to be able to render several different types of user generated and professional content while still maintaining the overall luxury Tastemaker look and feel. This required designing modules to handle different levels of creative competence and data integrity.  


  • My role: Art Director / UX & UI Designer
  • Client: Tastemakers
  • Media / Platform: Responsive website optimised for mobile and tablet viewports


Home screen – Tablet view

Events listing page

Events detail page

Tastemaker profile page

Mobile view

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