Your Opinion, Though Interesting, Is Irrelevant

A sentence one former manager used to say as a faux response whenever I was perplexed/stressed/confused/devastated by "where the hell is that coming from?" feedback from stakeholders outside the UX department. It was a reminder that this colleague probably didn't...

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Classical vs Romantic Thinking

When Creatives have to bring non-creatives on-board. I finally got around to reading Robert Pirisg's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. If you haven't read it yet, let me say right now this is not a post about spirituality, soul searching or a review of the...

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Rethinking University Design Education

This is a rehash of my thoughts on an  article written by By Don Norman and Scott Klemmer around design education. Let me preface these comments with a little of my own educational and professional background. Yes, I have a BFA in Design and Illustration, but art was...

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Creatives, You Ultimately Work in Sales

Why aren't you selling your work better? The Disclaimer You could say there is a difference between "art" and "design". Or in other words, a difference between work that is a product of your own creative expression and a work that is a product for "the man" - whether...

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